Greg Baerg, Founder and owner, Silver Creek Homes

Born on a farm in the Camrose area, Greg has been immersed in the construction industry for more than 20 years.

Greg began his construction career creating agricultural buildings for Quality Farm Buildings. After seven years, he branched out on his own to focus on finishing work (doors, trims, baseboards, etc.) and decks for local homes.

In 2006, Greg began framing duplex and single family homes. Shortly after, he started Baerg Construction and got involved in speculative housing (purchasing a lot, designing and building the home and then selling when complete) and custom home builds in Camrose and the surrounding area.

In 2016, Baerg Construction became Silver Creek Homes and began its first RTM construction project. That first house moved off the lot in fall of 2016 and Silver Creek has never looked back.